Weekly Update September 18-22

Weekly Update September 18 - 22
Please remember to get you registration updates in!

Mon the 18
VB practice: V(older) girls @ SGE til 4:45
JV (younger) girls @ SGJH til 4:00

Tue the 19
Hot lunch: Taco in a Bag and chocolate chip cookies.
VB practice: V girls @SGJH til 4:30
Boys @SGE til 4:15

Wed the 20
VB practice: JV girls @SGE til 4:30
Boys @SGJH til 3:50

Thu the 21
Hot lunch: Chicken caesar salad, bread sticks, and Rice
Krispie squares
VB practice: Varsity girls @SGJH til 4:30 (Tourney moved to
next week)

Fri the 22
7:45-9 Welcome Back Breakfast (at school)
9-11 Terry fox Run @ Spring Glen Park
11-11:45 Student Council Elections (at school)