Weekly Update January 15-19

Congratulations to our basketball teams that all did well in tournaments this past weekend!


Mon the 15
Archery practice 3-4:15 @SGE, JV girls BB practice 3-4:30 @SGJH

Tue the 16
Hot Lunch: Chili Burgers
BB practice: V boys 3-5 @ SGJH, JV Boys 3-5 @ SGE

Wed the 17
Foods class selling trifle
BB practice: V Boys 3-5@SGE, JV girls 5:30-7 @ SGE, JV Boys 3-5 @ SGJH

Thu the 18
Hot Lunch: Taco soup, chips, brownies
BB games: JV @ Magrath, V @ home vs. Magrath

Fri the 19