Weekly Update January 29 - February 2

**Asterisks note changes from routine!

Mon the 29
Foods class selling pizza
JV girls BB Practice @ SGJH 3:00-4:30
Archery @ SGE 3-4:15

Tue the 30
Hot Lunch: Hashbrown casserole with ham, ice cream treat
**BB games: JV @ home vs. Cardston**

**BB practice: V Boys @ SGE 3-5**

Wed the 31
Profesional Development: NO CLASSES

Thu the 1
Hot Lunch: Potato-ham chowder with breadsticks
BB games: JV @ Stirling **@ 2pm**, V @ home 3:30.

Fri the 2
JV Girls and Boys Basketball tourney in Cardston

V boys Basketball tourney in Raymond