Weekly Update January 8-12 2018

Welcome back! As you take care of your post-holiday bills, please remember to come in and pay your school fees too!

Mon the 8
JV girls BB practice @ SGJH 3-4:30
Archery @ SGE 3-4:15

Tue the 9
Hot Lunch: Taco in a Bag
BB practice: V boys @ SGJH 3-5, JV Bos @ SGE 3-5

Wed the 10
Foods class selling chocolate chip cookies
BB practice: JV boys @SGJH 3-5, V boys @ SGE 3-5, JV girls @ SGE 5:30-7

Thu the 11
Hot Lunch: Chicken Stirfry
Basketball games: JV vs. Cardston @ SGJH, Varsity @ Cardston

Fri the 12
Junior Varsity Basketball Tournament hosted by SGJH (schedule TBA)