School Supplies

School Supplies and Fees

Spring Glen Junior High School

Supply List 2021-2022


Students are responsible to bring with them throughout the year:


*1 – 2 inch binder for personal use

*2 – 1 inch binders (to stay in classrooms)

*1 – ½ inch binder (to stay in classroom)

*1 set dividers

*2 coil scribblers

*2 duo tangs

*Loose leaf paper (as needed, minimum 150 sheets)

*1 – calculator (Scientific for Gr 9)

*2-3 white vinyl erasers

*2 - Highlighter pens

*Blue or black ink pens (as needed, minimum 5)

*Pencils (as needed, minimum 10)

*Pencil box/case for personal use.

Gr 6, 7, 8 need an additional small soft case to leave in classroom.


Shirt, shorts, and inside gym shoes for PE class


1 inch binder for band students


Other option class materials may be requested during the year but most are supplied.




FEES for 2021-22 are:

$20.00 Field Trip                $1.50 Division Insurance

$5.00  Student Union        $50.00 Division Resource            $76.50 per student

Extracurricular fees will be announced in September.