Summer sports camps

Posted on June 24 2022

Spring Glen Junior High will be the site for a basketball camp and a volleyball camp this July.  Basketball, run by Maddie and Taylor Barfuss, will be July 18-20. It is for grades 4-9.  Volleyball,…

Indigenous Day, Awards, and Grad

Posted on June 22 2022

What a full day we had yesterday -- mini Powwow, traditional activities, awards ceremony, and Grade 9 Grad. I know I slept well last night, with a belly full of fry bread! Big thanks to the Hope Squad…

Year end letter from Mr. Barfuss

Posted on June 14 2022

Click to read a Year-End Letter from Mr. Barfuss, including details of activities for the last week of school.     

Manners Matter: the way you smell matters

Posted on June 13 2022

Your hygiene is your responsibility. Being willing and able to take care of your own body shows maturity and helps you show up with confidence in the world.    *From Brooke Romney's "52 Modern Manners…

Final Exam schedule

Posted on June 13 2022

All exams will begin first thing in the morning as soon as students arrive and are settled.  Students may go home when they are finished writing. If they stay at school they will be supervised by the…

Manners matter:

Posted on June 6 2022

This week's manner is "Don't share hurtful things."  "Even if your intentions are good, sharing hurtful things causes pain to everyone involved and puts you in the middle of drama.... Everyone is human…

Manners Matter: Treat your friends' siblings with…

Posted on May 30 2022

This week's manner is about being mindful of younger kids: are there ways you can include them? Are there conversations or adult language that should wait until they're not around? Take the time to consider…

Manners matter: Use Restaurant Manners

Posted on May 24 2022

Being kind and treating those serving you with respect is a sign of good character!  Use please and thank you, speak clearly, and ask polite questions if menu items are unfamiliar. Leave your table tidy…

Manners matter: Keep your phone on silent

Posted on May 16 2022

Our manner for this week* is 'Keep your phone on silent'. If you're in public, keep your sound off. The people around you don't need to hear your call/video/game.    *From Brooke Romney's "52 Modern…

Manners Matter: Be a Good Passenger

Posted on May 9 2022

This week's manner* is to 'Be a Good Passenger" - saying Hello and Thank you and making polite conversation with the driver are all ways to show your appreciation for the ride you are getting! Even if…

Pitch In!

Posted on April 25 2022

Our "Modern Manner" for this week* is "Pitch In" :  "This tip is important in your own home and in the homes of others... "Don't be the one sitting while other people are working... "Ask what you can…

Manners Matter!

Posted on April 11 2022

You may have heard that our school has started a focus on Brooke Romney's book "52 Modern Manners for Today's Teens". We are highlighting one manner every week, with a few minutes of discussion in class…

Quarter 4 Options

Posted on April 7 2022

Can you believe we're almost to the last quarter of the year?  New option classes will be chosen the week of April 11-14 and will begin after Easter break, April 25.  CLICK HERE to see the class choices. 



Posted on November 16 2021

BOOK FAIR IS BACK! You can shop in person OR online this year! Thursday, December 2-Tuesday December 7. Here's a sneak peek at just some of what will be available:…

Remembrance Cranes

Posted on November 10 2021

Why are Spring Glen Junior High students folding paper cranes this November? While talking about Orange Shirt Day and residential schools back in September, we learned that some Japanese Canadians have…

Final week activities

Posted on June 14 2021

Here's the run down for our final week: Monday June 14: regular classes, finish assignments, etc. Tuesday June 15: Student Council activity day at Spring Glen Park. A small lunch will be provided, but…

Garden box project

Posted on May 7 2021

We are so impressed with our construction kids! We got a total of 14 garden boxes built in just three days. We had all hands on deck to try to get them done due to the announcement of online school, and…

Online school time tables

Posted on May 6 2021

Click here for each grade's timetable. Online timetables May 2021

How to connect with school while you're at home

Posted on May 6 2021

Schedule  All students are expected to follow the same time table as usual, minus gym and options (unless specifically arranged). Plan on reading during SNIB. Flex time will be used for extra help, working…

Easter Break

Posted on April 1 2021

We hope everyone enjoys Spring Break, beginning Friday April 2 and ending Sunday April 11. See you back on Monday April 12!