three people arive at the open door of a home, greeted by the host. They are smiling and carrying small gifts.

Manners Matter: Be a great houseguest

Posted on January 24 2023

"Being able to stay in someone's home for an extended period of time is such a wonderful service! It saves so much money, hassle, and time on your part. It also creates a lot of extra work and stress…


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Manners Matter: You attract what you put into the…

Posted on December 19 2022

This is actually the manner we started our whole program with. It's one of Mr. Barfuss' favorites because it summarizes so much of what manners are about: treating others the way we would want to be treated. …

No Book Fair? No problem.

Posted on December 9 2022

It's the time of year when we usually do our Scholastic Book Fair -- but we aren't holding one anymore.  Don't worry, we still have a way for you to get new books for all the people in your life and…

Manners Matter: Firendship takes time and work

Posted on November 28 2022

"Don't be impatient when it comes to quality connection," Brooke Romney says in her book "52 Modern Manners for Today's Teens". "If you want to build strong bonds, you have to put in the time." She cites…

a group of five young people engages in happy conversation.

Manners matter: Be inclusive

Posted on November 21 2022

This week we're focusing on making others feel included. Focusing on one or two people in a group makes others feel unwelcome. You can introduce yourself to the whole group, or if you need to talk to…

Manners Matter: Know Yourself.

Posted on November 15 2022

Know Yourself! If someone asks you what is new, or what you like to do for fun, have an answer. There's no "right" answer, but come up with something better than "I don't know"!   From Brooke Romney's…

Manners Matter: apologize right

Posted on November 1 2022

As a perfect followup to last week's manner of taking responsibility for our mistakes, this week's manner is "apologize right" -- be sincere, take ownership for problems, and try to make amends. If you're…

Manners Matter: take ownership of your mistakes

Posted on October 24 2022

This week's manner is one all ages can work on: "Take ownership of your mistakes. In a situation that hasn't gone well, take responsibility for your part. Don't give excuses. Don't blame the referee or…

Picture Day

Posted on October 19 2022

We will be starting with our photographer by 9 am! 

Basketball season

Posted on October 18 2022

We are gearing up for basketball season! Practices will begin in early November. A schedule will be posted as soon as it is created. Please be sure to get permission forms in early -- students without…

Manners Matter: Acknowledge adults

Posted on October 17 2022

This week's manner is "Acknowledge Adults."  It might seem easier to avoid your friend's parents, or let mom do the talking in social situations with adults. But you show kindness and maturity when you…

Manners matter: Be Aware

Posted on October 11 2022

This week's manner is about watching out for each other. When we're little, we tend to tell adults everything. As we become teenagers, we often say less to adults about what's going on. That's okay, but…

Crazy Hair day Thursday

Posted on October 3 2022

Wear a wig, break out your best bedhead, or use up the hairspray!  Everyone will be sporting fun hairdos Thursday, October 6.  

Manners Matter: Be on time

Posted on September 26 2022

Being on time shows good time management, responsibility, and consideration for others.    Plan ahead. Set reminders. Let people know if you’re behind. Everyone’s time is valuable.   *From Brooke…

Manners Matter: make and manage your own appointments

Posted on September 12 2022

Being responsible for your own hair, doctor, or dentist appointments is a skill worth learning. Being on time, expressing your requests and concerns clearly, and giving the person helping you your attention…

Manners Matter: Don't leave just one person out.

Posted on September 6 2022

We are returning to our weekly focus on manners!  This week, it's a great reminder for back to school. With new people coming and others going, friendships shift. That's normal, but we can watch out…

First week letter from Mr. Barfuss

Posted on September 2 2022

September 2, 2022   Dear Spring Glen Junior High families,   Our year is off to a great start! Welcome to all of our new and returning students. I really appreciate seeing all of you so excited to be…

Our school year starts August 29th!

Posted on August 22 2022

Welcome back to school!  If you need the school supply list or have questions about fees, click here: School supplies and fees   If you still need to update your registration, click here: Returning…

Hot lunch survey

Posted on July 11 2022

We would love to hear from students about their favorite hot lunch items! This survey should only take you a couple of minutes, and will help us make better plans for next year's menus. Please click here…

Summer sports camps

Posted on June 24 2022

Spring Glen Junior High will be the site for a basketball camp and a volleyball camp this July.  Basketball, run by Maddie and Taylor Barfuss, will be July 18-20. It is for grades 4-9.  Volleyball,…